Isabel II cumpre desejo secreto. E há foto!

Isabel Ii 2 Isabel Ii Cumpre Desejo Secreto. E Há Foto!
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Isabel II sempre quis mostrar-se como uma pessoa casual e até informal, não será de estranhar que um dos seus maiores desejos fosse ser fotografada com mãos nos bolsos.

Fugindo ao tradicional, Isabel II arriscou, numa sessão com Barry Jeffrey e resolveu deixar-se ser fotografada com mãos nos bolsos, ainda que os seus assessores se tenham revelado discordantes.

“Sua Majestade começou a fazer uma série de poses, colocando as mãos dentro e fora dos bolsos, nos quadris, imitando a postura de uma modelo profissional. Fiquei incrédulo, a rainha era natural”, confessou o fotógrafo.

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One of the most photographed women in history, the Queen, has mastered her regal pose. But, according to Angela Kelly, Queen's Personal Adviser and Curator for her wardrobe, she had always longed to have her portrait taken in a more casual pose, specifically with her hands in her pockets. . Angela Kelly is the Queen's Personal Adviser and Curator for her wardrobe. . Her Majesty has given her blessing to share details of their relationship in a book. Published in October 2019, it is serialised in Hello! magazine this week. . The Queen Mother and her advisers had prevented this, however, feeling it would be inappropriate. . A few years ago, when researching her first book about the Queen's wardrobe, Miss Kelly decided it might be time to make her boss's long-held dream come true and the Queen agreed. . On the day, the photographer, Barry Jeffrey, attempted to explain how their shoot would progress. Mid-flow, the Queen raised her hand respectfully and said: 'No, Barry, this is how we are going to do it. Just keep the camera rolling.' Miss Kelly writes: 'Her Majesty took her position in front of the lens and started striking a series of poses, slipping her hands in and out of her pockets and placing them on to her hips, mimicking the stance of a professional model. I stood in disbelief, the Queen was a natural.' . . . . . . . #queenelizabeth #queenelizabethii #princephillip #princephilip #dukeofedinburgh #britishroyalfamily #queenvictoria #britishroyals #royalfamily #buckinghampalace #windsorcastle #thecrown #victoriaandalbert #monarchy #britishmonarchy #swedishroyalfamily #swedishroyals #danishroyalfamily #danishroyals #danishroyalty #hello

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